Testimonial 2_2

“Going Beyond

I have been treated by Dr. Coleman, Hands On Chiropractic, for more than 20 years and I am very pleased with the service provided. I am a survivor of a laminectomy at age 30 (from a teen age injury) and Dr. Coleman keeps that area of my back mobile with regular adjustments. With regular adjustments my neck strains of the past are non-existent. Using hospital x-rays Dr. Coleman arranged for additional reading and confirmation of excessive calcification of my spine which would eventually limit mobility, something that was not revealed by the hospital radiologist. With regular adjustments and manipulation I remain flexible. Dr. Coleman is very friendly, very personable, very skilled in his profession and very interested in the well being of the whole person. Thank you doctor for keeping me well adjusted without trauma and for regular reminders to continue stretching. I have and will continue to recommend. Hands On Chiropractic to others.”