3 Tips to Minimize Injuries When Jogging

3 Tips to Minimize Injuries When Jogging

I’ve been a jogger for most of my life and I truly enjoy getting in a nice run in whenever I can. But as a chiropractor I know all too well the stress it can put on the body in particular your joints, increasing your chance of injuries. Use these 3 tips…

Watch Your Stride – Over-striding can be a real problem and is when you’re stretching our and extend your foot far out in front of your body causing it to land in front of your center of gravity. This can lead to injuries and problems with both your knees and shin splints.

Keep Arms and Hands Loose – By Keeping your hands and wrists loose, you reduce tension in your upper body. It will also help you by using less energy and relax so you can get into a rhythm so you can enjoy your run.

Keep Good Posture – Avoid the tendency to lean forward and slouch when running because it can lead to tightness in the neck, shoulders, your back and even your hamstrings. Hold your head up and centered between your shoulders, keeping your back nice and straight.

Your Chiropractor Can Help

Most injuries can be prevented or minimized simply by consulting with your chiropractor. He should be able to evaluate and discover issue with joint dysfunctions or muscle imbalances as well as any other situation that could lead to pain and injury.

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